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Yuri!!! on Ice: 27 Facts That You Should Know


Yuri on ice. It is a Japanese anime series from 2016. The story is based on the winter sport of Ice Skating. It has 12 episodes and was broadcast by the MAPPA network.

Short Synopsis

Yuri Katsuki is a figure skater who, assuming the expectations of all of Japan, experienced a crushing defeat in the Grand Prix final.

With this, he returns to his hometown in Kyushu.Overwhelmed and depressed by this event, Yuri begins to doubt his skating career, while dealing with the other problems in his personal life.

Returning to his hometown of Hasetsu after five years, Yuri heads to a skating rink where he perfectly imitates a choreography of the famous Russian skater Victor Nikiforov, whom he has admired since he was a child.

When the video of Yuri skating is uploaded to the internet without his knowledge, it attracts the attention of Victor, who decides to become Yuri’s coach and train him together with his other pupil, Yuri Plisetsky.

17 Curiosities About Yuri!!! on Ice

  1. Yuuri has a tendency to put on weight because of his genes from both parents, his mood swings and his love for Katsudon which is a food that puts on a lot of weight.
  2. Yuri on ice is based on the movie Carmen On Ice.
  3. The choreography for the episodes is coordinated by former figure skater Kenji Miyamoto.
  4. At sixteen years old, Victor was already at the top by winning the Grand prix and on his way to becoming a living legend.
  5. The opening History Maker was composed by Dean Fujioka.
  6. The Ending, You Only live Once was composed by Wataru Hatano.
  7. Katsuki Yuuri’s best skills are her unique sense of rhythm and enveloping dance steps. Those who saw the ending of chapter ten will know this very well.
  8. Katsuki’s kanji can be read as “born to win” while Yuuri “The courage to win”.
  9. Yuuri’s house is in Hasetsu-Cho of Fukuoka. No, you can’t swim there, not that I tried….
  10. At the age of twelve, Yuri Plisetskyya prided himself on being spontaneous and challenging and attempted a quadruple salchow, and despite being dangerous he succeeded. However, he later met with Victor and made a bet with him that he would win the world junior championship without using quadruple jumps.
  11. Yuri Plisetsky, still only fifteen years old, is recognized as the youngest and most talented skater, already competing with much older rivals.
  12. Yuri Plisetsky is based on Russian figure skater and prodigy Yulia Lipnitskaya.
  13. Yuri Plisetsky loves animal print.
  14. Yurii Katsuki’s older sister calls Plisetsky by the nickname “Yurio”, after the member of a boy band she likes.
  15. Victor is very fond of poodles, and has owned several, makachin is the current one.
  16. Yuuri Katsuki loves Katsudon, and because of this he introduced it to Victor who also made this dish his favorite.
  17. Yuri on ice is critically acclaimed for presenting an original ice skating theme, and showing a homosexual couple in a natural and open way.
  18. Victor Nikiforov’s appearance is based on director Cameron Mitchell.
  19. The anime was coordinated by 48 animators, being the series with the largest number of animators ever.
  20. Yuuko gave birth to her triplets at the age of 19, her husband who is a year younger than her must have been 18, so she was just finishing high school at the time.
  21. Morooka, the announcer of the series is played by a professional commentator from Japan, Kato Taeje and not only that but the character design is inspired by him.
  22. Episode 12 was in such high demand that the servers crashed on the day of the premiere.
  23. Victor in one episode used chanel brand lip balm on Yuuri in one episode, said company greatly increased its sales due to this.
  24. The most fundamental events in the series are done by dogs, such as makachin and vicchan.
  25. Mitsuro Kubo and director Sayo Yammamoto spent 4 full years in just coming up with the plot of Yuri On Ice, this may have been because the series is completely original without a manga to base it on.
  26. The names of Yuuko’s triplets are; Axel, Lutz and loop, which are also the name of professional ice skater jumps.
  27. In the SOUTH PARK chapter sheila Airotfloutki’s mother was researching her son’s search history while going down the list, one of the searches you can read is Yuri On Ice, in honor of this in MAPPA studio made a jj boy dressed as Cartman for the final chapter of the series.

Yuri!!! on Ice is one of the most original anime we have seen in recent times, and of course if you have anything to contribute please leave it in the comments.