Every anime fan has a forbidden pleasure among the numerous genres that exist, and among these is yuri.

But, in contrast to its yaoi counterpart, it is much more difficult to find a series that is to your total liking. That’s why we bring you our favorite yuri series.

This list of yuri series is of our total taste, but will always be open to recommendations as there is always a hidden gem out there that not everyone can find.

If you have already seen any anime that is not on the list, feel free to leave it in the comments.


This was one of the beauties that brought us the 2018 yuri anime season.

For starters visually it is beautiful, which in a series adds quite a few points, especially one where both protagonists are really cute.

Both girls are troublemakers to their credit and neither knows how to deal with their feelings. It’s satisfying to see them face their inner conflicts as romantic feelings grow.


It tells the story of Yuzu Aihara, a flirtatious girl who cares about fashion and style.

Her mother starts a new marriage, which causes them to move and change schools.

With a new life, she sets herself the challenge of having a boyfriend, but to her surprise, the academy is only attended by educated girls, and is very strict with respect to the rules, which causes problems with the president.

The president Mei Aihara, strict and cold as ice, gets along like cats and dogs with Yuzu. What will it be like when they find out they are sisters?

Kanamemo (2009)

It’s a very funny series even though ironically it has one of the saddest beginnings I’ve ever seen, it mainly has one main character, but in reality the focus can fall to the rest of the characters.

The problems both serious and absurd that are presented to you in each episode will keep you glued to the screen, it is excellent for those who like softer yuri.


Kana Nakamichi is a college student who has lost her family and lives and works in a newspaper delivery office. The plot describes the daily life of the quiet but energetic Kana.

Yuru Yuri

Another fun story between particular girls, perfect for those who prefer lighter anime without so much drama in between.

The episodes are fun as well as the protagonists have charismatic personalities, you won’t be bored at any time.


The series revolves around a group of girls and the romantic attraction that arises between them.

Yui, Akari and Kyoko form a foster home, formerly a tea ceremony club. Chitose pretends to join the latter, but when she falls in love with Yui, she joins the others. Ayano and Chitose become friends for similar reasons.

Ayano falls in love with Kyoko, but as vice president of the student council, she has to kick them out of the place where they formed the AWOL club (although she never shows much interest in trying to kick them out).

Himawari and Sakurako are in the same class as Akane and Chika, so they become friends with them. The show follows the daily lives of these strange girls.

Sakura Trick

Another school romance only sweeter and more colorful than Citrus.

It takes on the classic best friends, where both protagonists are so close that they fear that the feeling growing inside them will break the bond that is so special to both of them.


Haruka Takayama and Yuu Sonoda are a pair of inseparable friends who study at the same academy, but alphabetically end up in separate seats.

Faced with the distance created and the appearance of new friends, they decide to have a secret that only the two of them had and could not share with anyone else. What could that be? A kiss.

Asagao to Kase-san

It is a very tender and calm story compared to many others in this list, I love both protagonists that being so different manage to complement each other.

The series shows you how sweet and bitter first love can be, with all the scares and worries that only inexperience can bring.

The animation is also very cute and the scenes can be as funny as they are romantic, perfect for those who are just starting in this area.


Yamada Yui, a shy girl whose hobby is tending the school garden, falls in love with Kase Tomoka, a young, athletic girl.

The two begin dating, facing various difficulties in their relationship.

Happy Sugar Life

If you like gore and psychological, then don’t hesitate to watch Happy sugar life, it’s a very unique and entertaining yuri to watch plus it’s a bit unpredictable.

There is one thing I don’t like, and that is the fact that no one here is missing their screws loose. As a series, everyone’s crazy as a loon, there’s not a charitable soul who at least deigns to think that’s not right.

Still that doesn’t take away from the entertainment, especially one of the main characters makes everything spin in a storm of chaos, you simply won’t stop watching it from beginning to end.


Satou Matsuzaka, a beautiful high school student, thought she knew the true meaning of love when she went to live with a girl she met on the street.

Up to that point, Satou had never turned down a boy she was attracted to and considered herself an “easy-going girl,” but everything changes when she meets Sio, a girl of uncertain age and background (though clearly young).

When the two are together, Satou experiences a very sweet feeling that she knows is love. He will do anything to protect that feeling, even committing the worst acts.

Akuma no Riddle

This one is special if you have that weakness for action and chasing.

It all usually starts with the girls’ boarding school and two protagonists with very different personalities who start a close bond.

The only thing different about it is the tiny detail that, except for one of the girls, they are all expertly trained assassins.

You will get to see all kinds of attractive characters and their colorful attempts at murder.


Myoujou Academy is like any other if it weren’t for the fact that all the 10th grade students are assassins, except for one, Ichinose Haru who will be the target to eliminate of them all.

The newcomer Tokaku Asuma had the same goal of killing her until he bonded with her, now he vows to protect her against all her classmates.

Noir (2001)

If you still prefer action and mystery above all else, then I suggest this very entertaining story of two beautiful and mysterious female contract killers.

The peculiar relationship between the protagonists together with the dark and tragic past that surrounds them, make every moment engaging and entertaining.


This is the story of two young female assassins who are looking for answers about their past and why they dedicate themselves to such a dangerous job.

Throughout the series they become involved in a complex conspiracy organized by two factions of a secret society called Les Soldats (soldiers in French).

Strawberry Panic

This is the matron of this genre, the favorite of many and a true classic.

Because of its somewhat racy scenes, it is considered a strong and quality yuri for the most demanding palates.

A combination of feelings, drama and internal conflicts is what Strawberry Panic brings you.


Astraea Hill is an elegant academy attended by a multitude of educated young women.

However, what is not visible to the naked eye are the forbidden romances and improper acts that the girls share with each other.

Onii Sama E

It seems that romance has no money to stay in the movies as we again find it in the school environment.

Like Strawberry Panic, this is another classic in the genre.

Only with a little more drama and internal conflicts between the relationship shared by the characters, but its real forte is certain surprises that await you in each chapter.


Nanako Misono before attending a prestigious women’s academy, asks her brother to receive letters from her relating her day at such an important school.

Her student life becomes stormy when she becomes part of the powerful student committee group the sisterhood, where she is victimized by her classmates who believe she doesn’t deserve to be part of it.

And things don’t seem to get any better when she falls in love with Fukiko, the attractive but troubled girl from the academy.

Kashimashi girl meets girl

I have to confess that this is one of my favorites as well as one of the first ones I saw, and this is because it’s a bit unconventional.

The main character is a shy, half effeminate boy who is in love with his beautiful companion.

A boy in a yuri drama? We’ll fix that right up! Aliens fall from the sky and turn him into a girl, the rest I leave up to you.


Hazumu Osaragi is a shy boy with a feminine face who one day becomes emboldened and confesses to the girl he’s always been in love with, Yasuna Kamiizumi.

Unfortunately she rejects him and depressed he decides to be alone on top of a hill, his bad luck reaches its climax when he is killed by a spaceship that happened to land there without seeing him.

Embarrassed, the entities revive him and recover him completely except for the small detail that he is now a girl.

His new female life encompasses how he adapts and coexists with his classmates who have to deal with his new appearance, while romantic feelings are born.

Sasameki koto (2009)

Another school drama not to lose the tradition, again we have a somewhat troubled young love as only inexperience can bring.

Anyway it is very funny and entertaining, you get to nod pity for one of the protagonists at all times and unconsciously make you support him from the first chapter.

Highly recommended for those who are a fan of this genre.


The story is about a 15-year-old girl, Sumika Murasame, who is in love with her best friend, Ushio Kazama.

Unlike Sumika, who is tall and good at sports and supports the family dojo, Ushio likes pretty and gentle girls.

As a result, she is forced to watch Ushio fall in love with one girl after another, never connecting with her. However, one twist can change things.

Kannazuki no Miko

If you like fantasy like I do then you have to give this anime a chance.

Not only is it great to watch, but it has fight scenes and romance that not all anime have.


The story revolves around Himeko and Chikane, two normal students at the prestigious Ototachibana Academy.

But one day evil stalks the city where they live, and the Orochis, evil entities that bring calamity, threaten the peace.

However, the priestess protectors of the sun and the moon awaken from within Himeko and Chikane, and now they will fight against evil as the relationship between them deepens.

Blue Drop

But if you like dramatic plots and very dark pasts, then don’t hesitate any longer and watch Blue Drop.

It has a bit of action mixed with science fiction, a story full of mysteries that surround the main characters and will keep you on the edge of your seat at all times.


Wakatake Mari, a transfer student at Kaiou Academy’s girls’ boarding school, has a tragic past: four years before she arrived at Kaiou, everyone on the island died in a single night.

Mari was the only survivor, but she has lost all memory of what happened before.

At school, she meets Hagino Chikoji, school idol and class president. Despite appearing calm and collected in front of Hagino, she loses her self-control when she shakes Mari’s hand and tries to strangle her.

Mari is then torn between her anger and her attraction to Hagino, who acts as if nothing has happened.

Kobayashi-san chi no maid dragon

Finally, it looks like the romance got paid its allowance and now it can leave school and change its environment.

This is one of those anime that you can enjoy in the afternoon while having a snack and a good laugh.

It’s funny, with eccentric characters, and emotional in crucial parts that will soften your heart.


Kobayashi is a lonely and eccentric woman who wakes up one day to find a cheerful and adorable girl named Tohru in her apartment who asks her to be her personal Maid.

She is an extremely nice and normal girl except for one small detail… She’s a Dragon!

Kanamewo (2015)

A strange and captivating story between a nameless protagonist tightens a bond with an unknown and forgotten creature.

With a weird, but sweet plot, plus its aesthetics and animation style is not very common to see, and yet it will still manage to grab you from the first minute.


On a rainy afternoon, a young girl finds a strange creature in the ruins of an ancient temple.


A short yuri anime of two ovas that what it lacks in chapters it invests in carrying your emotions in an eternal carousel.

Again we are in a school environment (Hell…) and both protagonists fall in love and share a full-fledged relationship.

It’s strong, mature and physical, a yuri anime in every sense of the word.


Kiiko Kawakami has a secret, and it is that since she had an accident as a child she developed telekinesis powers.

No one knows it except her best friend Aya Saitou, with whom she is secretly in love and one day she finds out that she is reciprocated.

Despite the fact that they both adore each other with all their hearts, Kiko witnesses Aya’s betrayal when she goes to pick up her cell phone at home. How will they both end up?

Netsuzou Trap

A spicier drama for those who love to watch the world burn, you don’t even need three functional neurons to know that the secrecy that the protagonists maintain will end up exploding more than a nuclear bomb.

I highlight here the fact that they use the guys for more than just making the main couple jealous, in fact you can even feel sorry for one of the guys for being too good for her.

It’s an excellent series and you won’t stop wondering what will happen next while you’re watching it.


High school student Yuma goes on a date with a boy for the first time in her life, and every day is a roller coaster of emotions.

She decides to talk to her childhood friend Hotaru, who has great chemistry with boys, but she teases her lack of experience by kissing and playing with them.

One day, they decide to go out together with their partners, and Hotaru ……. does things to her that she hasn’t even done with her boyfriend…! Little by little, their secret game goes on and on, and before she knows it, she becomes addicted to them….

A secret game between two high school students: …. What will come out of all this? What kind of relationship are they hiding ……?

Sono Hanabira ni Kuchizuke wo

Like the previous one, it is short and consists of only one ova, but it is everything it needed to be catalogued as a yuri jewel.

It has strong scenes as well as deep relationships between the characters, very enjoyable from beginning to end.


Sono Hanabira ni Kuchizuke wo focuses on the romance between the students, mainly Reo and Mai. They interact with each other and develop a deep bond.

Bloom Into You

And finally, I want to leave you with this beautiful little gem that encompasses everything dramatic and complex that love can be.

If you look a little deeper, you realize what the story revolves around: What is love? One of the main characters thought she knew what it was, but at the moment of truth she didn’t feel anything like she did in those shojo manga she adored so much.

And therein lies the magic of this anime, it is a walk to know and explore that feeling we call “love” out of the conventional romanticism to which we are accustomed.


Yuu loves Shojo manga and can’t wait for the day when she will receive a confession that will make her sigh.

However, when a fellow senior classmate confesses his love for her, she feels nothing. Disappointed and confused, Yuu enters the high school not knowing how to react.

Seeing the pretty student council president Nanami silently rejecting one of her suitors, Yuu asks her for help, but when Nanami becomes the next proposal, what will her reaction be?

That’s all for now, we hope you liked it and feel free to leave your favorite in the comments, see you soon!