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Top 12 Zombie Anime That You Should See In 2022


You love the suspense and survival that zombies generate, don’t you? Nothing like enjoying an excellent anime where you can glimpse the rotting guts in all their splendor or hear the growls.

Get your bat and ammo ready today I bring you a list of the best zombie anime you can find.

As popular as the wandering unliving are, it’s not like they exactly abound in anime, which is why this list carries the most popular anime so far with zombies.

So if you’ve seen other copies or your favorite is missing, don’t be shy and leave it in the comments! It will be added to the top as soon as possible.


A zombie girl anime full of drama and suspense, its plot revolves around zombies. It was one of the first anime I watched, visually the character design and animation are excellent, added to a good game with the camera make the experience a joy from beginning to end.

What I love most about this series are its airs of mystery and uncertainty, they leave you wanting more from the first chapter and simply will be very short.


Chihiro Furuya is a boy different from others, because all his life he lived in a cemetery he developed a fetish for zombies making his biggest dream is to have a zombie girlfriend.

School Live / Gakkou Gurashi

If you liked the drama and suspense of sankarea then you will also love School live, it’s a zombie and loli anime like few others. You can smell the airs of survival and terror worthy of this genre.

I loved the fact that each of the main characters have to face their fears, fight for their lives and in turn not end up breaking psychologically as they are driven to madness by despair.


Yuki Takeya lives happily and cheerfully as she plans new activities for the “School Life Club”, she and her friends live in school carefree looking to find fun every day. Or so she thinks…

Highschool of the Dead

Heaven have mercy on those fools who talk about a zombie school anime without mentioning Highschool of the dead! All jokes aside, this is one of the most esteemed series when it comes to the genre.

It has everything you expect to see from a zombie anime, massacres, blood, survival and an added free fanservice is one of the things you will adore about this series.


Takashi Komuro is a survivor of the pandemic that turned much of the human population into flesh-hungry ghouls.

He, along with his companions, must protect each other while surviving the threats not only from the zombies, but from those who brought out the worst in their nature.

Zombie land saga

Feeling like this list is getting pretty serious so far, here’s your dose of sweetness and comedy! Zombie land saga is the most recent anime on this list.

We are in an Idol series like no other, its black humor, the excellent personalities of each of the girls including the main character, and the zombie factor will make you have fun in each of its chapters.


Sakura Minamoto is on her way to fulfill her biggest dream of becoming an Idol when she mailed an application to Tokyo. Happy and determined to fulfill her lifelong goal, she doesn’t see the truck that runs over her in one hit and kills her on the spot.

When she opens her eyes she finds herself in the year 2018 along with another group of girls who were chosen to be a zombie idol group.

Zombie Loan

And from the newest we go to a classic of this genre, zombie loan has a very interesting and engaging story.

It does not have the survival factor but it does have powerful characters and fights that will remind you of shonen, but without erasing the charm that only the zombie genre has.


Michiro Kita is a shy young girl who since she was a child has been able to see rings on people’s necks, these as they darken means that their chance of life is reduced, and when they turn black the person dies.


If you liked the idea of powerful zombies then be sure to check out Gungrave, it perfectly embodies the action and the true power that the non-living can have.

The story is very interesting and leaves you wanting to know what happens next, plus the main character is a badass in every sense of the word and you want to see him complete his revenge.


Brandon Heat and his best friend Harry MacDowell lived in a decaying city in the suburbs.

Their days were numbered when they fell in with the wrong people and during the escape they have no choice but to join the most dangerous criminal syndicate of the Millennion Mafia.

However, the worst happens and Brandon is betrayed by Harry, when even he thought he was dead he ends up reborn as Beyond The Grave. Filled with rage and thirst for revenge, his only desire is to hunt down his former best friend and the organization they belonged to.

Shikabane Hime

As with the previous one, the plot of Shikabane hime revolves around revenge and how anger and obsession can even bring you from death itself.

With a tough protagonist like few others, each episode is full of suspense, with just the right amount of fighting to make you sit back and have a good time every minute of the anime.


Kagami Ouri was a simple orphan who had no idea of the existence of the Shikabane until he saw a dead girl being resurrected in front of his eyes, which is called Shikabane Hime.

Ences learns that his foster brother, Tagami Keisei is a priest who is part of the Kougou clan who use the Shikabane Hime to eliminate the Shikabane.

Kami-sama no Inai Nichiyoubi

A complete world in which it is impossible to die, that is Kami-sama no Inai Nichiyoubi, not only is it full of very good looking zombies but the plot revolves around the questioning of the very existence of life.

It is mysterious and with great airs of fantasies, besides that visually it is beautiful, you will not get bored in any of its chapters.


God created the world in seven days, and one Sunday he decided to abandon it. “Heaven and hell are full of people, and this world is also reaching its limit, ah… eh failed” after saying that God left humanity to its fate.

No one can die, no matter if their heart was not beating or their flesh was rotting, and taking pity on those desperate people God sent one last miracle, the gravekeepers. People who give rest to the restless dead.

Kore Wa Zombie Desu Ka?

Want to get back to the comedy doses? Kore Wa Kore Wa Wa Zombie Desu Ka will get more than one laugh out of you in each of its episodes.

The way the main character turned into a zombie is one of the things I liked the most, plus it has its fair share of action, ecchi and mystery to keep you on your toes until the last of its episodes.


Ayumu Aikawa is a lazy high school kid who is suddenly killed by a murderer, but then he was resurrected by a necromancer named Yuu.

And now his snowy zombie life will be filled with magical girls and vampires that will completely transform his daily routine.

Tetsujou no Kabaneri

Want an anime about zombies and trains? Well that’s the description of Tetsujou no Kabaneri, it’s a series with perfect animations which will make each of its chapters a pleasure.

On the other hand its story is very attractive, with touches of terror and action, you may find a certain resemblance to shingeki no kyojin because they have certain similarities but you yourself will realize that this is a very unique and excellent anime to have a good time.


In the era of the industrial revolution, a monster appears and attacks humans turning them into Kabane, non-living beings that cannot die unless they are pierced directly in the heart.

The only way of transportation and trade is through Kotetsujo, steam-powered locomotives or trains.


A peculiar anime with mysteries, blood and suspense to keep you attentive during the nights. Here the zombie factoid is an incentive for cool action scenes combined with suspense.

It’s a movie that doesn’t last long, but still manages to leave you with a pleasant experience that you won’t regret.


The protagonist, Ranmaru, lives with his sister. Five years ago, they moved here from Machida (a town located in the western part of the larger city of Tokyo).

This is because the apartment building where they lived was attacked and a massacre took place in which most of the residents, including the protagonist’s parents, were mercilessly and brutally killed.

Since then, the protagonist has had recurring dreams, but now they are more frequent. It depicts a bloody girl with a giant sword.

Shisha No Teikoku

This other film takes you on a journey to a time in the 19th century that asks the following question Did you ever think that zombies would make excellent industrial workers? Humans who never get tired, who never complain?

Besides telling a great animation, the plot will leave you glued to the screen from the first minute without letting you get bored.


The movie Emperor of Shiksa is an animated film about John Watson, who is recruited by the government to become an intelligence agent in 19th century Europe.

However, in the world in which Watson lives, “Frankenstein” uses fake souls to revive human corpses and use them as labor to develop industry.

That’s all! I hope you liked it, remember to leave your comment telling us what you thought and keep visiting us for more of the best anime.