If you’re looking for a show that will make you laugh, cry, and fall in love with the characters, look no further than Squid Game TV series.

It’s all about the game of squid—a game played by humans and squids alike. The show follows a group of friends who are all on the same team and play against another team of friends. It’s like any other game, except there are squids involved!

The show is set in a future where humans have colonized other planets, but they’re still struggling with issues like food scarcity and poverty.

As we follow these characters through their lives and their experiences with squid games, we see how each person has their own hopes and dreams for the future. But there’s also something very familiar about this world—it reminds me of the world we live in today.

This is what makes Squid Game so special: it feels so real; it makes me feel like I know these people; it makes me feel like I’m living with them every day; it makes me feel like I am one of them!

Today we will tell you the most curious facts about this popular Korean series of which we hope there will be a second season.

10 years in writing

Its creator was Hwang Dong-hyuk, who started writing the series in 2008 and finished it in 2019.

However, he could not get his project filmed right away because of the high level of violence, as well as not having the money for production. However, it was Netflix in 2018 that became interested and now, a few days after its release, it has become one of the most popular films on the platform.

Why the squid game?

The name is one of the series is somewhat strange, but where does it come from.

According to the director it has an origin from when he was a child and used to play with his classmates a game with the same name, which consists of an attacker and a defender facing each other in the shape of a triangle, a square and a circle simulating the shape of a squid.

We never imagined that a children’s game could have such a violent and distinct connotation.

It was not going to be called “The Squid Game”.

Its original name was going to be “Round Six”, due to the number of games in which the participants had to compete, however, they preferred to go for this name, which was undoubtedly a success, since it is a hallmark of the series itself and takes us back to childhood with these gloomy overtones.

What does the series really mean?

The series is not only full of violent dyes and strange games, it also shows the loss of innocence, which humans lose as they grow up.

They also try to show an illustration of the reality of South Korea, as well as criticize the idea of social classes, which arise in the capitalist system in which we find ourselves.

Its creator has commented that he tries to create in the spectator a connection between the emotion of competing that adults feel and the nostalgia of remembering some childhood games from South Korea.

For over 19 years old

The story is quite intense and somewhat violent, as well as very raw, so Netflix had to place an age range to watch it, and this was only for those over 19 years old.

The strange thing is that not only the title refers us to the childish, but also the soundtrack itself, which is made up of popular Korean children’s songs from the 70s and 90s.

These are played at the moments with the most violence and blood, which is creepy and a very clever contradiction for the viewer.

Inspired by Japanese comics

The squid game is inspired by the comic book Battle Royale, a story in which each year a third grade class is chosen to be part of ‘The Program’, a game where students must fight for their lives.

Something similar to what we also see in ‘The Hunger Games’. However, the Netflix series does it quite well and with its original touch.

Will there be a second season?

At the moment Netflix has not said anything about it, but fans have been in favor of this idea. Besides, the series still has a lot of room for more, so let’s hope for a second season.

The official account of The Squid Game shared some images of how the series was filmed, which makes us even more anxious to see the next season.


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