Let’s face it, you know nothing about Moon Knight. You haven’t read a single issue or watched a single episode. And you probably never will. Maybe it’s because you’ve never heard of the character before, or maybe it’s because you’ve just never seen anything that could pique your interest.

Whatever the case may be, the thing is, the majority of Marvel fans have never heard of Moon Knight either. So, here are a few moon-shattering facts about the lone Marvel character you’ve probably never heard of.

The first Moon Knight comic

The first Moon Knight comic was published in September of 1975 and was quickly cancelled after its eighth issue. The character didn’t reappear until 1979, when Doug Moench, Mike Baron and Bill Sienkiewicz came on board and created the now-iconic character we know today.

He has superpowers

Moon Knight has a few of his own superpowers. He’s pretty strong, capable of lifting up to 1 ton and he can also fly by using his cape.

His archenemy is Jake Lockley

Jake Lockley is the archenemy of Moon Knight. He is a former police officer and hitman who became obsessed with the idea that he was living in a computer simulation. As a result, he began a campaign to destroy every trace of technology on Earth so he could “end” the simulation.

Lockley’s first attempt to end the simulation was by bombing New York City and destroying all networking hardware in his wake. However, Moon Knight stopped him from carrying out his plan and Lockley was sent to prison for life.

Moon Knight is super-powered lunatic

Moon Knight is a vigilante character who patrols the streets at night. He has no superpowers, but he does have heightened mental abilities in the form of his split personalities.

The most common personality is that of Jake Lockley, an ex-Marine from Chicago. Moon Knight is also sometimes known as Marc Spector and Steven Grant depending on the story arc.

He’s a master of multiple martial arts

#1. Moon Knight is capable of utilizing multiple styles in his fighting repertoire, including Jeet Kune Do, Escrima, Savate, and Wing Chun.

#2. The character has been referred to as “Marvel’s Batman”

#3. Moon Knight is an adept acrobat and gymnast; he also possesses enhanced strength and reflexes

#4. He’s got a split personality

#5. Marc Spector was originally created by Doug Moench and Don Perlin in 1975

#6. Marc Spector was born in Chicago, Illinois

He’s one of the few Marvel characters with schizophrenia

Moon Knight’s story is one of tragedy, but it’s also one that reflects the struggles of many people with mental illnesses.

Marc Spector was originally staff sergeant in the US Marines. He was a brave and valiant soldier who saved many lives during his time in Vietnam. But after being captured by enemy forces, Marc suffered from brainwashing, torture and isolation that ultimately led to an acute form of schizophrenia. Afterward, Marc was a man bereft of his memories and haunted by visions of Khonshu, the Egyptian moon god who would become his guardian angel.

His Name Is Never Revealed

Moon Knight’s name is never revealed. Sometimes he’s referred to as Marc Spector, but that name has been used by multiple characters in the Marvel Universe. Moon Knight was first introduced in 1975 and his identity remained unknown for over a decade. His name was finally revealed to be Jake Lockley in 1984, when the character (whose personality had radically changed from the original) took on the mantle of Moon Knight after Marc Spector died.

There Have Been Three Moon Knights

There have been three Moon Knights to date in Marvel history. The original was a man named Marc Spector who was murdered by his ex-girlfriend and resurrected as the Egyptian moon god Khonshu. One of the other two, Jake Lockley, is positioned as a largely different character who takes up the mantle following the first Moon Knight’s death.

The third is an unnamed woman who has taken up the mantle after Lockley’s death.

Moon Knight’s Costume Is Made From A Succubus’ Skin

Fans of Marvel, and the classic Batman comics, will be very familiar with the story. A character is going up against a villain that seems unbeatable, but with a little help from an ally, they find a way to take them down.

That’s exactly what happened when Moon Knight came across an unstoppable demon called Khonshu. The two were evenly matched until Moon Knight realized he had an ace in the hole: his suit was fashioned out of the skin of a succubus.

Khonshu was defeated, but not easily. Moon Knight’s suit was ripped to pieces and now he needed a new one. But thanks to some old fashion detective work and some quick sewing skills, Moon Knight was able to create himself a whole new set of clothes out of the demon’s skin!

He has several personalities

If you’re not already scared, then this next fact should do the trick. Moon Knight has several personalities that take control of his actions. One personality, Steven Grant, is a New York cop who occasionally commits felonies to destroy those he deems evil. The other personality, Marc Spector, is a mercenary who will do anything for money and doesn’t care about the means to an end.