Short Synopsis

Shingeki No Kyojin orAttack on Titan, is set in a world where humanity has been almost completely wiped out by giant humanoid creatures called titans.

The giants are several meters tall and devour humans. A small percentage of humanity manages to survive by hiding behind walls that are taller than the tallest titan. In the present, the city has not seen any titans in over 100 years.

Eren and Mikasa, who are together at the time, see a colossal titan appear from nowhere. The giant destroys the city walls, then enters through the huge hole in the wall and starts eating people.

The anime is based on a manga series by Hajime Isayama and is produced by Wit Studio and directed by Tesuro Araki.

That’s why today I’ll tell you crazy things that you probably didn’t know about this anime, if at the end you have any curious fact you want to share that doesn’t appear in this list, leave your comment and tell us what you managed to see that others could not.

30 Facts That You Should Know

  • The birth of the beloved character Levi; it was when Hajime Isayama started doodling and there appeared the design Who knew?
  • The design of the city in Shingeki no Kyojin is inspired by Nördlingen, Germany.
  • The inspiration to create the titans came because Isayama while working had a bad experience in a cyber cafe; he had to endure a customer in a drunken state and despite the fact that both were of the same species and spoke the same language there was no way to understand each other.
  • It led him to think that the most terrifying species was the human being.
  • Most of the faces of the titans are based on photos from family members and magazines; he left them motionless and expressionless to give them a more terrifying look. Which from my perspective she succeeded in doing.
  • Annie uses Motai, the most brutal fighting style in the world.
  • Erwin was the first recon legion commander to take command without his predecessor being killed by a Titan.
  • In the new play “Before the Fall,” the survival rate of the scouting group is lower because the soldiers do not know the Titans’ weak points and do not yet have their 3D maneuvering equipment.
  • At 196 cm tall, Mike was the tallest humanoid of all.
  • Mike’s birthday was June 16, and ironically, in the middle of the year, he died with only half his body.
  • Isayama reportedly thought he would be successful if he created a series of female characters named after famous battleships, so he named one “Mikasa” after a battleship of the Imperial Japanese Navy.
  • Levi held the title of “Captain” in the reconnaissance regiment. However, his friends and subordinates used to refer to him by the much shorter title of “Heichou” (平昌). This led people to believe that he was actually a soldier of a lower rank than he was.
  • Kara Jaeger was trying to help Eren and Mikasa by lying about breaking her leg while locked in her house.
  • Isayama reveals that, given Moblit’s (Han’s right-hand man) “unfortunate” position, he drank more than any other veteran of the recon legion.
  • The author often creates sketches of what some characters would look like if they were titans, as in the cases of Mikasa and Armin.

  • Dear Jean is Isayama’s favorite character.
  • There was a slight controversy regarding the genders of the characters. This was due to the fact that during an interview the creator was asked: Which was the woman with whom Mikasa got along best? He answered that it would be Armin, this was a joke in all rule, however many fans took it seriously and he had no choice but to deny it.
  • The funny thing is that in the beginning it was planned to be a woman.
  • While I’m on the subject of “doubtful gender”, there is one character that has caused doubt and has not been confirmed. It is not known if Hanji Zoe is male or female.
  • Although the Seiyu in the anime is a woman, the manga does not make this clear. According to the author, he wants to leave it up to the reader whether they want to take it as a “he” or “she”.
  • Shingeki no Kyojin was planned to be much shorter, and the ending was planned to be dramatic to the point of killing off most (if not all) of the characters.
  • Resembling a movie called “The Mist”, however due to the success generated they changed their mind. Personally this would have crushed my soul.
  • In one of the simpson’s halloween specials, a reference to the anime was made where Lisa is disguised as Mikasa

  • Initially the author was going to publish the manga in the famous “shonen jump”, magazine where Naruto, Bleach, One piece and other famous series were published. But the organizers of this magazine asked him to modify the style of drawing and also the story to suit the publication, but he said no. He looked for other magazines. So he looked for other magazines.
  • It was confirmed that Ymir and Historia are a couple.
  • In the manga, Mikasa’s scarf is gray-black and not red as shown in the anime.
  • Historia is the only one of her clan who has been recognized as the true Queen of the Citadel.
  • The narrator of the anime is also Armin’s seiyu.
  • Ymir was transformed into a titan for sixty years, indicating that she would be seventy-seven years old in total.

  • Once the author was asked what kind of women Levi liked, he really questioned if the character liked women, he ended up saying he only liked tall people.