In a stately home on the outskirts of London in Victorian times, butler Sebastian Michaelis serves Ciel Phantomhive, a 12-year-old boy who is head of a noble family and toy company.

Sebastian carries out any task required by his master and solves the problems that plague England with ease and perfection due to his demonic lineage and contract with Ciel.

Both the series and the contract consist mainly of finding the culprits behind the death of Ciel Phantomhive’s parents and taking revenge. Once this is done, Sebastian will take possession of Ciel’s soul.

Short Synopsis

Fairy Tail tells the story of a young wizard named Natsu in search of his master and adoptive father Igneel, a dragon.

He therefore joined Fairy Tail, a wizard guild located in Magnolia, a city in Fiore, a neutral country with a population of 17 million people. The Fairy Tail guild is famous for the wreckage and damage they cause in various cities (which they shouldn’t be).

The world of Fairy Tail revolves around mages: people who use different types of magic and also run errands in exchange for money, similar to a bounty hunter. Natsu meets Lucy, a pretty girl whose dream was to join a mage guild, specifically Fairy Tail, which she achieves thanks to Natsu’s help.

From then on, the story follows the movements of this pair of wizards, who get involved in countless adventures before achieving the ultimate goal of finding Igneel.

30+ Curiosities About Fairy Tail

  1. The original idea was for Lucy to use cards, but since it was already overused, Mashima changed them to keys. Although the funny thing is that they ended up being Cana’s weapon.
  2. Mashima has something with the number seven: the day the dragons disappeared, also when they came back, Layla’s death or the time they were trapped in the island among others…
  3. For some reason Mashima didn’t want to revive Lisanna, maybe that’s why she doesn’t stand out so much.
  4. The cute little Plue is something like Mashima’s trademark and mascot, he appears in all his works.
  5. Kinana is afraid of snakes even though she used to be Cobra’s snake.
  6. In the anime there is not a drop of blood, in addition to having removed or “modified” many scenes differentiating it from the manga. Censorship ruins everything.
  7. The drawing of fairy tail has improved a lot over time. At the beginning it was very similar to One piece (by author Oda) but now it is totally different.
  8. Several guild members are based on Mashima’s assistants. Touching on this, the beautiful Mirajane is based on a girl he met in an online game.
  9. Juvia speaks in the third person because she was very lonely as a child and used to talk to herself (Forever alone).
  10. Lately Mashima’s favorite character is Lucy, he says that she usually changes in the arcs, but that Lucy is growing on him the most because of her development.
  11. Master Bob (Blue Pegasus) and Master Goldmine (Quatro Cerberus) were members of Fairy Tail who left to make their own guilds (*cough* traitors *cough* *cough* *cough*).
  12. Hiro Mashima as a young man had a habit of stripping in public just like Gray.
  13. In the series Lucy’s name comes out because her parents met at a place called “Lucky & Charm”, but some letters fell off leaving Lucy’s name. But in reality, it is inspired by a record of The Beathles “Lucy in the sky with diamonds”.
  14. Juvia had a love affair with Bora, the fake salamander. Going from egomaniac to Gray, you have to see that even if she’s whiny she doesn’t have bad taste.
  15. Fairy tail and Raven master go hand in hand to the point that the first one doesn’t stop making references to the second one. Either by the design of some characters or by a scene in which he pays tribute to it.
  16. Jellal is inspired by Siegrain from the Raven master anime.
  17. Natsu’s initial outfit was inspired by Gogeta from Dragon ball z.
  18. The dark guild prayer six exists in both Raven Master and Fairy tail.
  19. Wendy was originally going to be the water dragon slayer and used a wand, she also had a different sketch than the one we know today.
  20. Eisenwald of a dark guild, predicted Gray’s future and said he would have problems with water and women, a clear reference to Juvia.
  21. Juvia, comes from the Spanish word for “lluvia”.
  22. Natsu instead means summer.
  23. Hiro Mashima, the creator of Fairy Tail, stated during an interview that Natsu and Lucy did have romantic feelings for each other.
  24. Laxus in the manga smokes, but in the anime it never happens.
  25. Lucy’s non-magical weapon is a whip that ends with a heart on the end, this is for her surname Heartfilia.
  26. Currently all Dragon Slayers get dizzy in transports, this reason is still unknown, but time has to do with their power level. At first it was only Natsu, as he was the strongest, as the others became stronger they developed this weakness.
  27. The Bickslow dolls are the characters from another Mashima series, Monster Soul.
  28. The scar on Natsu’s neck is a paradox, since it was made by his present self going to the past and scolding his little past self for losing to Gray.
  29. Gray confesses to having a weakness for whiny girls.
  30. Both Gajeel and Rogue have red eyes with elongated black irises, no other Dragon Slayer has them that way.
  31. Gildarts has a physical resemblance to Shanks from One Piece, this is apropos since the author is a big fan of Oda.

Tokyo Ghoul is an excellent anime and is sure to have many fans around the world. We don’t know everything, so if you have any curious facts, feel free to leave them in the comments.