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Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba +50 Curiosities You Should Know


Short Synopsis

Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba, introduces us to Kamado Tanjiro, a young boy, quite intelligent and with a heart that doesn’t fit in his chest. He lives with his family and earns money selling coal. But everything changes when his family is attacked and killed.

Kamado discovers that it was the fault of Oni, a rather supernatural and bloodthirsty demon. He and his sister Nezuko are the only survivors of the attack, but his sister was turned by the evil demon into one of his own kind.

Tanjiro goes from being that good boy who sold coal to a demon killer in order to help his sister return to her human form again and avenge, on the other hand, the death of his family and loved ones.

Today we have brought you a set of fun facts and pretty cool information about this great anime and manga that we all loved.

Facts & Curiosities

  • All the pillars have an area that they dominate, that is, they alone must protect a specific territory either by killing demons or gathering information.

In fact, she confessed in an interview that she thought it would not be successful since she was proposing a plot not very common to see in the magazine, fortunately she was very wrong.lose to Muzan.

Furthermore, it is hinted numerous times in both the manga and anime that being a pillar is nearly impossible. It takes at least five years of training to have the power and skill to kill fifty demons, it is the all too rare cases that manage to do it in one year.

  • Urokodaki, Tanjiro’s master, wears a Tengu mask because his face was once mocked as being too “Affable”.

  • The story is based on another same work from 2016, also written and illustrated by Koyoharu Gotoge.
  • This is the author’s first work published in Shonen jump, she had previously only done short stories.

In fact, she confessed in an interview that she thought it would not be successful since she was proposing a plot not very common to see in the magazine, fortunately she was very wrong.

  • Koyoharu Gotouge is the author of the Kimetsu no yaiba manga and very little is known about him, he is thought to be a woman but he never shows his face and presents himself as a friendly crocodile with glasses.

At first the series was to be called “Kisatsu No Yaiba” but it was a somewhat strong and explicit name since “satsu” means to kill, so it was changed to “metsu” which is to destroy, which is a bit more subtle.

  • The beautiful Shinobu Kocho is officially the weakest pillar, but she has the strongest stabbing power, which helps her inject her poison.

Nezuko is the only demon that can use her techniques even when she hasn’t devoured any human.

  • Genya was too violent when he was a boy, so much so that he didn’t mind hitting girls, but when he entered puberty he now gets nervous with them.
  • Hunters wear a special engraving on their skin to always keep in mind what rank they are occupying, in the case of the pillars they are represented by the breathing technique they master.
  • Shinobu enjoys ghost stories.
  • Kanao, Shinobu’s adopted younger sister, enjoys blowing bubbles.
  • Genya’s favorite food is watermelon.
  • Inosuke, the pig attack, the mask he wears daily and hates anyone touching it is the head of the boar that raised him.

  • Kyojuro’s favorite food is sweet potato and miso soup.
  • Obanai’s favorite food is Tororo Kombu.
  • Inosuke loves tempura.
  • Tanjiro likes to head-butt and clean, a real sunshine.
  • Nezuko enjoys sewing.
  • Tomioka enjoys eating Ohagi.
  • Muichirou’s favorite food, the pillar of fog, is Daikon with miso sauce.
  • Have you ever thought about what happens inside Nezuko’s box every time Tanjirou makes his quick, jerky movements? Well, our girl does suffer her fair share of bumps and bruises, but due to her quick healing she recovers quickly and without scars.

  • Tanjiro is so kind and attentive to others that the vast majority of lower-ranking hunters call him mama.
  • Uzui, the pillar of sound, loves Fugu Sashimi.
  • Iguro obanai, the snake breath of Iguro obanai, derived from water breathing.
  • Mitsuri, the pillar of love, at first was the heiress of Rengoku and was training fire breathing, however her skills ended up developing a completely different breathing, so she became an independent pillar for the pride of the pillar of fire.
  • Inosuke doesn’t know it nor did he do it intentionally, but his beast breathing derived from wind breathing.
  • In turn, the breath of sound derives from the breath of lightning.
  • Aoi, one of the girls who helps out at Shinobu’s farm, was the one who repaired Nezuko’s box when Sanemi broke it by stabbing her.

  • Shinobu did not have the physical ability to use flower breathing, so she developed a derivative which is insect breathing.
  • The huge rock pillar Gyomei, has a hobby of crying, this was taught from another monk he met.
  • Shinjuro, the father of Kyojuro and Senjuro, hates animals so he has strictly forbidden his children to have pets.
  • Haganezuka, the passionate and irritable creator of Tanjiro’s sword, has Dango as his favorite food and devours it whenever he is angry.
  • Speaking of him, Haganezuka’s full name is “Haganezuka Hotaru”, Hotaru means firefly and he hates it for being too cute.
  • The pillars Mitsuri and Gyomei love cats, but who doesn’t?
  • Speaking of cats, Mitsuri had one when she was little, so some of her attacks make references to them. She currently has a pet rabbit.

  • Mitsuri’s favorite food is sakuramochi, she devoured it so much that her hair turned the same color which is green and pink.
  • Sanemi, the intimidating pillar of the wind, has a pet rhinoceros beetle Who knew?
  • Zenitsu has a crooked jaw.
  • Muichirou’s crow is a female and she is very jealous of him, so the pillar of mist can’t have another pet.
  • Uzui tells that both Muichirou and Gyomei are exceptional cases, they became pillars within two months of joining the demon hunters.
  • Inosuke and Usui are the only demon hunters who fight with two swords.
  • Urokodaki does not drink alcohol and does not have much tolerance for it.
  • Both Mitsuri and Inosuke are left-handed.
  • Kanao’s favorite drink is ramune, and her favorite food is anything Aoi prepares.
  • Kanao was going to be an extra helper at the Shinobus sisters’ butterfly farm, but she wasn’t good at housework or healing.
  • So, without asking Kocho’s or Kanae’s approval she took the hunter’s test and demonstrated her great talent with the sword and the flower breathing she learned just by watching.
  • Although the Shinobus did not like the idea of her risking her life, they had no choice but to let her do it.
  • Chuntaro, Zenitsu’s sparrow, was the one who guided Shinobu to his friend after facing the spider demon.

  • Speaking of crows, Uzui’s keeps himself fashionable and “flamboyant” by wearing bright and fashionable accessories.
  • Shinobu Kocho’s favorite food is Ginger Flavored Tsukudani.
  • Tanjiro’s favorite food is Tara No Me.
  • Nezuko loves to eat Japanese sweets called Konpeito.
  • Nezuko prefers to fight with her nails or kicking, because if she uses too much of her blood she gets sleepy.
  • Haganesuka had a complicated childhood since his parents suffered from nervous breakdowns because their son was too much trouble, so the village chief had to raise him.
  • Inosuke has the bad habit of eating Tanjiro’s food, he doesn’t do it with bad intentions, he just thinks that everything that is put in front of him belongs to him.
  • When Inosuke got his crow he tried to eat it, since then the bird has been hiding and hiding its presence as a precaution, a funny fact.

Inosuke’s crow

  • Giyuu often gets nervous because his crow is a bit old and makes mistakes when sending messages and in battles.
  • When someone talks about how in love Yushiro is with Tamayo he blushes and keeps silent.
  • Tanjiro often writes letters to Senjuro, with whom he talks about his adventures and about Zenitsu and Inosuke, whom Senjuro finds very funny.
  • Thanks to his very good ear, Zenitsu is really good at playing the Koto and Shamisen.
  • The hunter uniforms not only look very good, but they are protective against cold and heat, they are also resistant to the teeth and claws of mid-level demons, but they are not effective against the attacks of demon moons.
  • Inosuke felt nervous at the station before the train arrived, there were many people around him.
  • Nezuko enjoys when they braid her hair like Mitsuri’s, it’s Tanjiro who usually does her hair.
  • Kanao chose his surname from among many that he was given to choose from, among these was the surname of Aoi who wished to have a sister and insisted very much that he choose it. Kanao did not choose it because if she died, Aoi would lose a relative again and she did not want to hurt her, I die….
  • Wondering where Tanjiro got his hard head from? Well you might be surprised, because it was from his mother.
  • The reason why Sanemi wears his open uniform is not just for fanservice, it’s because the guy is proud of his very well worked muscles.
  • The reason why Kyojuro shouts so much when he speaks is because he is somewhat deaf.
  • Tanjiro has a genuine honest nature, so he is unable to lie and put on a natural expression.
  • Giyuu’s haori is a representation of his friendship with Sabitou and a way to remember him.

That’s it! Let us know in the comments below what you thought or if you have something to add, visit us for more of these curiosities.