The Big Bang Theory is a television show that follows the lives of four roommates: Leonard Hofstadter, Sheldon Cooper, Rajesh Koothrappali, and Howard Wolowitz. The show focuses on their relationships with each other, their families, and their significant others.

The show premiered in 2007 and has been running ever since. It’s currently in its tenth season on CBS and has won many awards for its writing, acting, and production quality.

The show is known for its pop culture references and humor derived from science, math, and technology topics that often go over the heads of its main characters.

Today we will tell you the most impressive curiosities of one of the funniest series of recent times.

1. Jim Parsons has never seen Star Trek, even though Sheldon is obsessed with the series. He could do it for the character, right? Especially knowing that…

2. Jim Parsons and Kaley Cuoco (Penny) are the highest paid actor and actress on TV today.

3. Mayim Bialik (Amy) actually has a PhD in neuroscience.

4. Well no, Bernadette’s voice is not real, actress Melissa Rauch claims to be based on her mother’s voice. You can hear her real voice here:

5. The series has a real scientific consultant, David Saltzberg, to make sure that all the formulas and everything they talk about in the series is real.

6. In the pilot episode Penny was going to be called Katie, and she was going to be played by actress Amanda Walsh.

7. In the sitcom two actors from the eighties series Roseanne reunite: Johnny Galecki and Sara Gilbert.

8. “Bazinga” was born out of an inside joke during the filming of the series.

9. Sheldon was not created based on someone with Asperger’s Syndrome, although actor Jim Parsons claims to base his character on this behavior.

10. Raj’s problem of not being able to talk to women without being drunk is based on a former co-worker of the show’s executive producer, who also suffered from it.

11. Apparently we will never know Penny’s last name (so said the producers).

12. Science majors have become more popular since the series premiered.

13. Penny has been using the same bag since the second episode of the first season.

14. Mayim Bialik had to hide her right hand for five episodes of the sixth season because she was in a car accident.

15. Leonard’s glasses are so fake and fake that they don’t even have lenses.

16. Originally, the series was going to be called Lenny, Penny & Kenny.

17. Amy’s apartment is 314 in honor of the number Pi.

18. Both Sheldon and Jim Parsons are from Texas.

19. There is a conspiracy theory that The Big Bang Theory is about the end of the world. If you want to know what this theory is about, you can watch the following video:

20. Amy was almost played by Kate Micucci, who eventually played one of Raj’s rolls.

21. Penny was originally going to be a makeup artist who was a heavy drinker. They’ve kept the wine thing.

22. Before Mayim Bialik was on the show, the characters made a joke about the show Blossom, which she starred in when she was very young.

23. Penny and Leonard were dating in real life.

24. Each episode has a scientific principle as a title.

25. Howard Wolowitz is inspired by a real person, whom one of the producers of the series met when he worked in a computer store.

26. There is a species of bee and a species of jellyfish named “Bazinga” in honor of the series.

27. The actors of the series actually play the instruments of their characters: Mayim learned to play the harp while Galecki already knew how to play the cello.

28. There was a plagiarism of the series called The Theorists but it didn’t get very far. You can see the first episode of the series here:

29. Kaley Cuoco is as much of a kettle of fish as Penny.

30. Will Weaton’s house number is the same as the number of the Enterprise NCC 1701-D from Star Trek.

31. The spectators who attend the filming, and who attend the live recording of the episode, are students from the California Institute of Technology (Caltech). NASA’s JPL (or propulsion laboratory) is controlled from this center.

32. The number 73 is Sheldon’s favorite number and the perfect number according to him. And he gives several reasons for this: it is a prime number (something important for a mathematician), it is the 21st prime number. 21 is also prime.

In addition 21 upside down is 12, and 37 which is upside down 73 is the twelfth prime number. If we add that Jim Parsons was born in 1973, everything seems to indicate that there are several winks to the character and the actor.

33. Bazinga’s scream is on record. So you have to stop and think about the great amount of money that the person who has made it has earned, since there are many cups or T-shirts with that expression.

What does it mean and who has registered it? Well, the owner of the trademark is Stephen Engel, one of the writers of the series; he used the word as a synonym for ‘Understood’.